January 23, 2018

Am I Too Overwhelmed?


Yes I am overwhelmed! Being overwhelmed is normal and everyone agrees. However, overwhelm doesn’t have to be an unchallenged way of life. Overwhelm is the condition of being a victim, only in this case the perp isn’t some guy with a mask and a gun, it’s the job, the bills, the inbox, the kids, the home and every other circumstance that wants to rob you of you.

The first and only step out of being a victim is taking 100% responsibility for your life – you did it, all of it. Nobody did anything to you not even some deity, be it good or evil. Once assumed, no longer do things happen to you, you are allowing them to happen, sometimes through ignorance, and are responsible for their happening. Wow. That’s good news – back in the driver’s seat! Phew.

If I am the driver, and right now I seem to be driving myself crazy with stress, where in fact would I actually want to go? If I look down the road I’m on I see sickness, upset, anger, fear, frustration and disease. Desirable destination? NO! But I can’t see any options either – no side roads, no U-turns. If I am taking this journey off the road called Overwhelm, I’m gonna need help. I’ll need a map, some friends and a few new ways of doing business. Wow. I’m not sure how, but, this is gonna work!

Fast forward to some time later: You’re the master of your life just from this simple shift to being responsible. You don’t complain anymore. Being 100% responsible handled overwhelm and is handling other areas too such as finance. You are as engaged in life as before, but the experience is one of play, joy and passion. Life no longer occurs as a series of crisis that blindside you; it’s not like driving through the fog. The destination, though far off, is now clear and intentional.

Now can I look at universal design? Yes. I can see that it’s a bit like insurance – not a lot of fun, but something that gets handled. It’s now part of my master plan as much as finances, fitness, a sense of community, my emotional stability and my growing ability to care for others. I am creating my future; it is mine to create; and, it will indeed be good.