January 21, 2018

Are Home Improvements UD?


A blog was written, The Best Return on Home Improvements. “Oooo!” I emphatically exclaimed, anxious to read about maximizing the value of my home. If you notice, I was hooked by an opportune distraction from my work. As I read the top 10 tips, I felt as if I was reading about universal design. Clean it up. Get rid of the clutter and the old and worn. Increase light. Fix broken things. Patch floors and walls. In brief, have it work and have it look nice. That’s a great starting point. Your home will become a pleasure, not an inconvenience. Your life will improve.

Eager for another top 10, I found, 2008 Cost vs. Value Report: Still Many Happy Returns for Home Rehabs. I saw improvements that favored low-maintenance, natural light and updated functionality.

Finally, I looks at shelter mags and what do I see? All the contemporary styling is open, wide, spacious and filled with light. Humm. Maybe we’re more universal design than we realize.

PS: A video clip about planning your own 70’s:
Living Large In The 70’s

Konrad Kaletsch
Universal Design Resource
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