January 23, 2018



Ages ago, the only gadget was a pair of specs. When not used, they hung neatly from one’s neck. If I hung today’s gadgets from my neck, I’d soon be crippled.

Gadgets start with the cell phone. Next would be the TV clicker. But given today’s level of remote controls, I’d soon need something like Batman’s utility belt: remote temperature controls, automatic door openers, shade controls, garage openers, flashlights, cordless phones, MP3 players, GPS, medical alerts, electronic diabetic monitors, alarm systems, clickers for all the TV viewing and audio devices, Bluetooth headsets, flash drives, cameras, and your eye glasses (or shades). Oh … don’t forget the chargers that go with the gadgets!

So what can one do to simplify all the gadgets that were made to simplify your life? Here are a few tips:

  • Have “homes” for the gadgets. These are places you keep the gadget when not in use. You grab it, use it and put it back when done. This is especially helpful for families where many members use the same gadget.
  • Have ample space for gadgets in places where you need them. For example, at your bed stand have a large surface for all the gadgets and possibly a drawer. If you have other places in your home that are regular spots, perhaps the kitchen or a favorite TV chair, have a table and drawer nearby for the gadgets.
  • Gadgets need juice. Consider having a charging area for all your gadgets in one area. When you buy a new gadget, use a paint pen or magic marker and label the charger with the item it charges (I know you have that shoebox full of chargers you never throw away but that you have no clue what they pair up with).

Bring a little routine and order to your gadgeted life and get the enjoyment they were meant to provide!

Konrad Kaletsch
Universal Design Resource
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