January 23, 2018

Guidelines for UDR Website


Originally planned in 2006 as the universal design store, it became instantly obvious that it would be so much more, it would be a resource. It is for the person who heard a hint, perhaps in a passing conversation, about universal design and wants to understand. It is for the son who has to update a home for an aging father. It is for the baby boomer who wants to stay in their home. It’s for that little problem that needs a specific solution. It is for the contractor who wants their special training and services known and easily found. It’s for the retailer to more easily connect with their consumer. It is for breaking news, and for collective wisdom gained over years of innovation and field testing. It is for you.


Here is how Universal Design Resource website works: Content is based upon a connection to universal design. If there is no connection to universal design, it will not be included in this website. A contractor who is trained and offers universal design, ADA compliance, or aging-in-place would be included. A retailer who features assistive products would be included. An article talks about the AARP +50 convention would be included.


The “filters” for what is included in this website and what is not, are not bound by specific or written rules. Much like universal design itself, it is principles that guide, not a written code. It is never expected that any one article, product or service will satisfy ALL the principles of universal design, but that they satisfy at least a few. Same with the content of this website. Show some commitment or content that connects to universal design and you’re in.


This is not Consumer Reports; think of UDR as a yellow pages. The products and services are not tested or in anyway assessed. There is no endorsement by inclusion. There are no kick-backs. It is for the visitor to apply due diligence. A few words are used to describe each resource; as much as possible, they are copied directly from the source website.


If you wish to have your business or service included, send a request to Info@UniversalDesignResource.com. Do the same if your business or services have changed or closed.


Share stories, observations, successes, photographs, contacts, recommendations and news. This website is also by and for you; the better you are, the better it is. My promise to you is to run the best resource website on universal design in the USA. What’s next? UDR will add forums, social networking and eventually a wiki-style data base. And please, if you like this website, let me know – positive feedback is like rocket fuel. Thanks and enjoy!