January 23, 2018

Improves Sex?


Can universal design improve your sex life?

Somehow this question seems to permeate every aspect of our lives (you know somewhere someone is contemplating whether Sonia Sotomayor’s nomination could improve your sex life). The impact on sex is never a bad question, just an overused one. At the risk of overusing it once more, could universal design provide a positive effect on your sex life?

Yes, just not in the ways you might think. Sure, there are the practical aspects that universal design would have in the bedroom and the ease with which you can go about your activities. The real impact will be in the emotional realm. Sex is always affected by emotions. This is especially true for long-term relationships. When life is flowing effortlessly, it is easier to be and feel amorous. Attention turns to delight and the finer aspects of living when unburdened from the necessities of basic survival. It is easier for trust and confidence to be present. It is easier to relax. It is comforting to know that the environment has no nasty surprises and instead nurtures you. These are much needed ingredients for intimacy.

When fear, worry, doubt or anxiety are present, sex and many other human interactions suffer. If you are looking for an edge in the bedroom, sure, throw in a little universal design. But expect not only bedroom relations to improve but also other areas of relating. Expect greater ease and less stress. Enjoy the taste of food. Enjoy interesting conversations. Relish the independence of your life at home. Enjoy new freedoms of personal expression. Discover yourself and your partner anew. Yes, universal design does improve sex life.