January 23, 2018

I Owe You: I.O.U.S.A.


Warning: This blog entry has strong moral overtones.

I just watched the documentary, I.O.U.S.A. It’s about our nation’s economy. What’s clear is that we don’t need a terrorist hiding in a cave or a rouge dictator to wipe out this great country, we’re doing a fine job by ourselves.

The documentary is a clean non-partisan look at our financial behavior, as individuals and as a country, and the almost certain future it will produce. Aside from the looming financial tsunami, there is a moral behavior that is deplorable. It is a lack of concern for our kids and the generations that follow. Instead of leaving them a little something to make their life easier, we are handing over a crisis, “hate to eat and run, but…”

After watching this easy to understand documentary (wow, I do understand fiscal policy), I felt an urge to drop my zeal for universal design and switch over to their wake-up agenda. I won’t. Universal design matters. Them, me and many more are waking-up in many areas of life. Sustainable people, spiritual people, health people: they are all realizing that we have to make changes and fast. Consciousness is shifting. We want the generations after us to have a good life.

Watch the movie; get the message. The website gives a short 30-minute version.

My appreciation to David Walker and his Peter G. Peterson Foundation and Bob Bixby and his Concord Coalition; thank-you for your tireless and bold leadership.

And, make your home universal design; leave a legacy.

Konrad Kaletsch, CAPS
Universal Design Resource
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