January 23, 2018

Moving In … With Renewed Purpose


Universal Design Resource is completing a year-long transition into a new website. What better time than now to recreate the mission for this blog?

The blog at Universal Design Resource is open to multiple authors – that includes you. Like most blogging, it is a place for opinion to be expressed and where stated facts do not have to be verified. It is a place to share your subjective experiences and insights and to present your struggle with a given problem. That’s what makes blogging good.
The benefit if such a free dialogue is the birthing of new ideas and the testing of existing ones. I encourage a Socratic spirit in this blog where “stupid” questions are asked (they are the keys to unlocking breakthrough thinking) and past assumptions tested.

Use the blog to stretch an idea and discover that it is bigger than you thought (or smaller – that happens too). Use it to be impetuous. Use it to tease a new idea into existence. It is a place where a macro or a micro view can be noticed and made visible.
Through posts by many authors, a community emerges. Thinking is no longer limited to one or a few minds – it now lives in collective wisdom, a whole greater than its parts. I invite you to contribute and to help grow the awareness of universal design. Be inspired and inspire, that is your birthright.