January 23, 2018


Use this section when you need to track down resources that will help you hone in on a specific or specialized issue.


This section includes sites that address accessibility. If you are looking for an accessible product, look in the SHOP page.


Many organizations support universal design through awareness, specialized programs, advocacy, newsletters, training opportunities, publications and more.

Aging – Aging-in-Place – Elder Care

As our population ages, expect to find an increasing number of helpful resources including social networking, personal health, lifestyle planning, health care, opportunities, programming on TV, radio & internet, political action, safety and more.

Assistive Technology

Companies and organizations which consider all aspects of assistive technology and its application. If you are looking for assistive technology products for purchase, go to the SHOP page, http://www.universaldesignresource.com/shop/view/24.


For, by and about boomers.

Computer Technology

So much of our lives are on the computer. It is no surprise that universal design applies here as well. The “undo” command is an example of the “tollerance for error” principle. Another is the sound alert that indicates that some task is done (and, you can choose a setting that adds to the sound a visual flash). In this section, you will find links to other ways that computer rechnology can be universally designed.

Design Resources

These links have information about design that consider and apply universal design.


Find helpful resources including social networking, advocacy, specific health issues, accessibility, gadgets, technology advances, travel, lifestyle planning, health care, opportunities, community, political action, safety and more.


Most educational institutions are about research and development, not just training. Here you will find vast resources which cover all aspects of universal design including new gadgets, innovative thinking, web design, home design and city planning. Find resources for students and continuing education.


Finding the information you need in government websites can be challenging; find quicker access to the universal design resources here.

TV, Radio & Print

Where can you find shows, conversations and magazines that discuss universal design and the many other ways we make our lives easier for all? Have a look here and find everything from senior programming to specific disability publications.

Universal Design

Some resources deal only in universal design. As some of these resources are educational, check the Education page in this RESOURCES section.


Due to sacrifice and injury, veterans need homes that are universally designed and in many cases specialized to assist them with changes in their mobility. This section has links that help veterans navigate new needs including support.


An limited but important application of universal design whereby a wheelchair user can independently get into the main floor of a residence, more about and get into the bathroom. When applied this means no steps, low threshholds and 32″ wide doors and hallways. The result is an inclusive environment.