January 23, 2018


Products and services where you will find information about a product and find places where you can make purchases.

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ADA: Products & Compliance

Americans with Disabilities Act, ADA, has specific requirements. This section list companies that feature ADA products.


Some appliances are more universally designed than others. The sites in this section will make your shopping easier.

Architects, Designers & Contractors

Time to make that home change? Find architects, designers, contractors, engineers and many other professionals who know what universal design is and can help build it into your next home or remodeling project.

Architectural Products

Find larger architectural items here such as whole showers, special cabinets, wide doors, etc.

Assistive Technology & Devices

Find assistive devices and technology products for visual, hearing, physical, communication and cognitive and learning disorders. Round of applause to Suzanne Robitaille who’s 2010 book, The Illustrated Guide to Assistive Technology and Devices; it is such a helpful guide for those in search of these assistive devices.


If it’s in the bathroom, look here.

Changing Floors: Lifts & Elevators

Many ways to move from one level or floor to another. This section has stair lifts, platform lifts and elevators. If using a ramp, go to the Ramp section.


Yes, there is clothing that is easier to use and that is specialized for a particular user. Find links here to help you begin to locate the right outfit for you.

Door & Lock Automation

Keys? Not if you don’t like them. Find automated doors and locks and add ease to egress.

Electronics: Technology & Communication

Technology is making so much more possible. In this section you will find gadgets that make your life work more easily.


Before making a financial decision, do you know what benefits are available? Universal design is for everyone, however, elders and people living with a disability often benefit from financial programs designed to offset other expenses.


Furniture, both residential and commercial, which applies principles of universal design.

Kitchen & Laundry

Shop here to find companies that specialize in universal designed products for the kitchen and laundry.

Occupational Therapists

The application of universal design often requires specialized attention due to a certain health condition. The therapists listed here not only specialize in treatment, they also help assess and recommend modifications for the home.

Ramps & Handrails

Ramps: permanent and temporary; indoor and out. custom and prefabricated. Don’t forget to check into lighting solutions.

Reading / Print

What is available that increases the ways in which one can read? Find companies with such products in this section.

Real Estate

Find realtors who are knowledgable about disability, universal design and visitability housing.


Somewhere between a buddy with a van and ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover is your perfect move. Find businesses here skilled in specialized moves.


Find companies that cater to a broad range of consumer needs with an eye toward products that have elements of universal design.

Transportation / Mobility

The transportation page includes anything that moves you from one point to another that isn’t you feet. It includes scooters, wheelchairs, conversion vehicles, ambulette services and public transportation products. It does not include vertical transportation such as elevators; for that, go to: Changing Floors: Lifts & Elevators. For travel links, go to: Travel


Traveling for the fittest of us poses many challenges. Fortunately, when challenges confront us we can adapt quickly and find solutions. For some travelers, the journey must be so thoughtfully considered in order to be a success; there have to be contingency plans for everything: what if there are no taxis; what if it snows; how will I travel with an oxygen tank; etc. This purpose of this section is to provide travel resources for those with physical limitations, from the smallest child to the oldest adult, the temporarily injured to those living with a disability.