January 23, 2018



The building craze is over, but is a new craze underfoot: subditions? The housing boom lasted so long, it foiled us into a malaise of thinking that it was normal. “Oh yes, we’ll be breaking ground on another addition next week,” was spoken at many a dinner conversation. That or, “We’ve simply outgrown our 3,000 sq ft home and are moving to a bigger place.”

Well, those days are over and more frequently heard are remodeling conversations: new cabinet faces in the kitchen, or maybe a spruced up bathroom, or maybe a fresh coat of paint.

What you might hear next is subditions (it’s the opposite of additions). Yes, in this case, people are removing parts of their home. Call in the wrecking ball! It’s an extreme action and one usually taken when combined with kids being out of the home (no, really) or, some other change such as the current interest in going geothermal. Reluctance to move is another reason to do a subdition. And expense is another driver, reducing annual maintenance, utilities and high real estate taxes – all are having Americans downsizing, and a few doing subditions.

Are you ready? How soon before you are bragging about how efficient your home is, or how small a footprint it makes, rather than how big it is?


Konrad Kaletsch, Universal Design Resource