February 24, 2018


www.UniversalDesignResource.com, created by Konrad Kaletsch, is a website dedicated to providing a wide range of information about universal design.

On this blog, I am generating a dialogue designed to unite the people and institutions that stand for the availability and application of universal design. The objective of being united is the opportunity of having every American know about universal design by 2010. The result will be joy, security, comfort and independence.

I request that you contribute to this dialogue by speaking to how you see the fulfillment of a 2010 vision.

  • What would a symbol for universal design look like?
  • What are the available opportunities to reach large audiences?
  • Who are the celebrity spokespersons who could inspire a nation?
  • How has universal design succeeded in other countries?
  • Who are the architects that are practicing universal design?
  • Where is it being practiced and what are the results?
  • How has it changed your life?
  • How much can you contribute to the sharing of information?
  • What companies are doing R&D and preparing to produce universal design products? Who is leading the trend?
  • What cities begin to discuss it and seek means to transform their environments?

In advance, thank-you for your participation and your contribution.
Konrad Kaletsch