February 24, 2018

Universal Design – The Time is Now

Great (and long) post about how and why universal design is better positioned now than at any time in the past to succeed and become mainstream. Points include:

  • Reason 1. World demographics are changing.
  • Reason 2: World economies are changing.
  • Reason 3: More societies throughout the world are valuing human diversity.
  • Reason 4: Social sustainability is a natural part of the environmental sustainability movement.
  • Reason 5: Attitudes about consumption are changing.
  • Reason 6: Major corporations are developing ad campaigns that foster ease of use and inclusion.
  • Reason 7: Mass customization is making it easier to develop universally designed solutions.
  • Reason 8: Digital technologies are augmenting or eliminating static solutions to dynamic conditions.
  • Reason 9: Design that works for everyone is starting to make sense to government officials at the local, regional, national, and global levels.”


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