January 23, 2018

Website Under Construction


The Universal Design Resource website is undergoing revision! When created, my intention was to raise awareness and provide information. For the revision, I have structured a tiered approach: First is a facelift using today’s technology making it easier for you to participate by either finding what you are looking for or by submitting your own material. Universal design is not so much a destination but rather a dialogue; the new UDR website will support that. Second will be networking opportunities similar to Facebook and Linkedin. The final tier will be a wiki-style knowledge base. In all levels of development, I will strive to meet the needs you expressed in the survey (which you can still respond to).

Here’s a quick glimpse of UDR Version 2.0:

  • More and better organized material for those who are researching universal design for their projects including internal search engine.
  • Focus on meeting the needs of professionals.
  • Courses, links, photos, hot topics & news and problem/solution forums.
  • Professional networking opportunities; marketing, codes, database.
  • Reading lists and resources.
  • Clean, intuitive look.

UDR website has an expected launch in late July. Until then, keep the feedback coming through comments at this blog, the survey and UDR email.

Konrad Kaletsch
Universal Design Resource
Universal Design Network at Facebook and LinkedIn